Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bob Hairstyles 2014

Keep your new bob haircut sleek straight to underline the fabulous cut that makes the delice of your look.

This is a perfect look for women who want to make a statement and underline their uniqueness, so crown your look by turning towards various bangs that can be easily incorporated and that make this cut extra special.

 Get classy with a lovely long bob hairstyle that incorporated either a blunt or a soft layered cut. Regardless of your choice, as not all face shapes benefit from the same cut, your hair will look super fabulous especially when the perfect hair texture is added to the cut.

From slightly tousled to soft waved and sleek straight anything works with this bob hair length, so experiment and make the best out of your locks.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Long Bob Hairstyles 2013

Give a little shake-up to your look with the following ultra chic short bob hairstyle ideas. Take full advantage of the brilliant set of hair designs that can definitely turn your tresses into glamtastic accessories. Refined structure meets romance in the following graphic bob hairstyles.

Those fashionistas who are not afraid of experimenting with luxe and high street looks will have the opportunity to nail down the hottest bob trends. Mixing soft layers with a blunt bangs design is the ultimate recipe to create a scene-stealing look.

Choose a fabulous crop that suits your features and allows you to have fun during styling. What gives these looks the edge is your creativity and how you manage to play with the various qualities of a similar mini-crop. Use wax for edgy and alternative designs, whereas texturizing products will prove to be perfect for feminine and more flirty looks.

Short Bob Hairstyles 2013

A quick glance at the hottest hairstyles of the moment shows you how to funk up your tresses in an instant. This season statement crops are all about movement and texture. The ageless bob haircuts can provide your hair with both qualities especially if you define the length and structure with great care. The following ultra chic short bob hairstyles will grant you with gorgeous looking locks every time.

From the mussy models to super-polished designs, you'll find everything you need to go glam with your new season look. Start your full-on summer styling by taking a closer glimpse at these super-voguish hair designs. Bob crops in their own beauty can make a smashing statement. However, if you decide to ramp up your 'do with extra layers, the effect will be simply overwhelming.

Graduation when teamed up with refined tresses will result in the hottest hair trend of the moment. Choose choppy layers to showcase your experimental and wild side. On the other hand, if you're more impressed by sensuality, you can also stick to ultra-sophisticated soft layers. Choose according to your hair texture and preferences and make sure you rock a confidence-boosting hairdo all throughout the season.